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1. The "Lawyer's Lawyer:" Consultation Services for Attorneys. Since 1983 Mr. Patrick's practice has emphasized the provision of consulting services to other attorneys and acting as outside counsel in complex cases. These services include legal research, drafting pleadings, drafting and responding to motions, and general consultation on both pre-trial and trial issues.

Because of Mr. Patrick's considerable appellate experience, he also assists other attorneys behind the scenes to avoid appellate problems before they arise. His advice has also been extremely valuable to other attorneys in determining how to handle a tough issue for their clients. Hourly rates for these services are reasonable and negotiable to be consistent with rates charged in the lawyer's local community and the budget needs of the individual lawyer and his client.

2. Appellate Services.

Since 1977 Mr. Patrick's practice has emphasized practice in both state and federal appellate courts. He has recently stopped handling direct representation of clients in appeals, but the services he still provides include: (1) Telephone consultation with other attorneys on appellate issues and rules, and (2) Evaluation of cases for possible appeal and advice on whether an appeal is warranted, cost effective and/or necessary

Mr. Patrick has previously handled many appeals in a wide variety of civil cases, including but not limited to corporate and business law, real property, contracts, domestic relations, and personal injury.

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